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Our Weipa operations in Far North Queensland includes three bauxite mines, processing facilities, shiploaders, an export wharf, two ports, power stations, a rail network and ferry terminals









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Weipa, Far North Queensland

Our Weipa operations in far north Queensland includes three bauxite mines, processing facilities, shiploaders, an export wharf, two ports, power stations, a rail network and ferry terminals.

The development of Amrun, our newest mine, completed in 2018, will extend the life of our Weipa bauxite operations by decades to come, significantly building on our 55-year history on the Western Cape, and providing jobs and supporting business growth in the region. The mine is located on traditional land. We work closely with the Traditional Owners to implement our agreements, ensuring that the benefits generated from mining support future generations and that important cultural heritage sites are looked after.

  • Truck at Weipa
    Our Weipa mines
    East Weipa, Andoom and Amrun
  • Loading material at Weipa
    Two independent shipping terminals at two locations, Weipa and Western Cape York Peninsula managed as a single port system, and an export wharf and ferry terminal at Amrun.
  • Weipa train
    19 kilometres of rail network to transport bauxite from East Weipa and Andoom mines to the port.

Innovation at Weipa

Respecting the environment and local communities is a priority for our operations. Amrun – our flagship bauxite development which made its first shipment in December 2018 – was built with advanced technology, innovation and a commitment to the Western Cape York community and strong partnership with the local Wik-Waya Traditional Owners. At the request of Traditional Owners, it was named Amrun, the Wik Waya people’s traditional name for the area where most of the mine’s infrastructure is located.

During the construction of Amrun, we used innovative modular engineering techniques to build the wharf more safely, faster and with a smaller environmental footprint.

We also used virtual reality to help the local community and Traditional Owners understand how the mine and surrounding areas would eventually look. Today, we oversee activities at Amrun in real-time, using the latest technology and predictive mathematical tools to run operations safely and efficiently.

Our Bauxite Integrated Operations Centre will oversee the way we run our northern Australia operations in real time. The Operations Centre team uses the latest technology and tools like predictive maths, clever computer code and powerful software to run East Weipa, Amrun, Andoom and Gove mines safely and efficiently.

In 2019, the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) granted its Performance Standard and Chain of Custody certifications to our Amrun and Weipa bauxite mines. ASI certification means customers can be assured that the aluminium they purchase has been produced to the highest environmental, social and governance standards, ranging from greenhouse gas emissions to human rights.

Reducing our emissions

In September 2021 we announced the approval of a new 4MW solar plant and 4MWh of battery storage at Weipa. Due to be completed in late 2022, the new solar farm and battery storage will complement the existing 1.6MW solar farm at Weipa.

Combined with upgrades to the existing Weipa power generation network, the expanded plant and battery storage will reduce Weipa Operations’ diesel consumption by an estimated 7 million litres per year and lower our annual carbon dioxide emissions by about 20,000 tonnes – the equivalent of taking more than 3,750 cars off the road.

The 4MWh battery system will be built next to the existing Weipa power station and will help provide a stable power network for our Weipa Operations bauxite mines and the Weipa township.


We have been mining bauxite in Far North Queensland for more than 55 years and with the development of Amrun, our $A2.6 billion newest site completed in 2018, we have secured a mining future for the region for many more decades to come.

The mine and associated processing and port facilities will replace production from our depleting East Weipa mine and increase annual bauxite export capacity by around 10 million tonnes, at a time when higher-grade bauxite is becoming scarcer globally.

Weipa machinery
James Spencer, Weipa Operations, Australia

James Spencer

Apprentice electrician, weipa operations, australia, and creator of the "spencer step"

“We had a meeting about keeping high touch areas cleaner, and later that day it just came to me: there are about 20 doors around here that we need to keep closed to stop the dust from moving through – but closing all those doors means a lot of contact.


I thought: I bet I can find a way to open them without touching the handles. So I came up with the idea for this step – a bracket with an upturned lip for traction, and red and silver tape so you can’t miss it.  And now we can open doors with our feet!

I guess we’re calling it the “Spencer Step,” which is nice. I’ll be honest, I usually come up with the idea for something, make it first and think about the planning later! I’m working with Chrisden and we are coming up with a plan so we can share it with our colleagues all over the world, so they can make their own. Here at Weipa, and I know other places around the world too, if we were to get sick and not be able to work it would have a big impact on our community. And you know, if there's anything I can do to stop that, I feel good about. Because it helps our community – and it means I am doing my part.”

For requests or enquiries about survey data and methodology collected by the Amrun Project in accordance with Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act Approval EPBC 2010/5642, email: amrun.enquiries@riotinto.com.

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